Turf Maintenance And Care

turf fake grassTurf fake grass has become an increasingly popular alternative to natural grass here in Idaho, thanks to its low maintenance and high durability. It is used in many residential and commercial landscapes to improve aesthetics and comfort, drastically enhancing curb appeal and appearance. Knowing how to properly care for and maintain turf fake grass is essential, especially if you are considering this option for your own property. 

Turf Fake Grass

Here are some essential tips from our experts at Final Cut Turf & Rec to keep turf fake grass in top condition:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is crucial to keep your turf fake grass looking good and extend its lifespan. Sweep off any debris, such as leaves, sticks, or rocks, with a soft-bristled broom, or use a leaf blower. It is vital to remove debris to prevent it from getting stuck between the fibers, which can cause damage to the turf.


Unlike natural grass, turf fake grass does not require regular watering (your water bill will thank us!), but occasional hosing is recommended to remove dust and debris from the surface. Be careful not to overwater, though, as this can lead to drainage problems and promote bacterial growth.

Prevent Stains

Turf fake grass is resistant to most stains, but it is best to avoid spilling any substances that could potentially stain, such as oils or chemicals. If a stain does occur, it is essential to clean it up as soon as possible using a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. 

Keep It Cool

Turf fake grass can become hot during summer, making it quite uncomfortable for pets and children. To keep the surface cool, spray it with water before use or install a shade structure to provide some relief from the heat and sun.

Pet Care

Turf fake grass is a popular option for pet owners because it is easy to clean and resistant to damage caused by pets. However, regular cleaning is still essential to prevent odors and bacterial growth. Use a mild detergent and water to clean the surface, and avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach.

Avoid Heavy Objects

Furniture, equipment, or other heavy objects can cause damage to the turf’s fake grass fibers. If you need to place heavy objects on the surface, use a protective barrier such as a rubber mat or plywood to distribute the weight. 


Over time, the turf fake grass fibers can become matted or flattened, affecting their appearance and performance. Use a stiff-bristled brush to restore the fiber’s upright position and improve the surface’s overall look and feel.

Hire Professionals

If you are not confident in caring for your turf fake grass yourself, it is best to hire a professional company to handle it. Professional maintenance companies can provide regular cleaning, brushing, and other maintenance services to keep your turf fake grass in top condition.

With proper care and maintenance, turf fake grass can provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment on your Idaho Property. If you are ready to get the turf fake grass of your dreams, be sure to call us at Final Cut Turf and Rec