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Final Cut Turf & Recreation was founded by Jason and Hailey Barnes in 2012. That’s our family in the picture. As many know, when you start a new company it isn’t just the ones who sign all the documents and write all the checks who contribute to the company’s success. Our three boys, our parents, friends, and our employees have been our foundation in everything we have done. Their love for our dreams keep us strong in moving forward and continuing to progress. 

The first thing people always ask us is, “what made you want to start a synthetic turf company?”. Well, the honest story is we owned a 1 acre lot which was primarily grass and we watched ourselves mowing it every weekend while our boat sat. We whined and complained almost every weekend throughout the grass growing season. 

In 2010/2011, I (Hailey) was working as a civil engineering consultant for a developer in the Bear Lake area who only had enough water rights for his planned golf course but not to irrigate all of the lawns at the condo complex he was planning. In discussions he mentioned that he was looking at using synthetic turf.

I would go to small town City council meetings to discuss much needed water improvement projects, which inevitably raise water rates, and little old ladies would come professing how they wouldn’t be able to keep their lawn green if they had to pay higher rates. That got my mental wheels spinning and I told Jason when I got home. 

We looked up synthetic turf companies in Idaho and didn’t see any.  We thought about it for about 9 months and the time came when Jason needed a change. We called a couple companies, ordered samples, and liked Synthetic Turf International (STI) samples the best. I still remember how amazed we were with the quality, textures, and looks of the different styles. We had no idea what we were getting in to.  STI was interested in our skillset and invited us to the next conference. We got on a plane to Georgia and we met the dealer network (great people), learned about the many more ways turf was used in the industry, aside from lawns, and we decided to go for it. By 2020 we had entered the commercial market, had architects specifying our materials, and were working exclusively with some of the best contractors (now our friends) in the landscape, playground, athletic, and recreation industries.

Jason’s first installation was for a lady we met at a local restaurant while looking at samples at our table.  Below are the photos to his first installation. It was after this complex installation that we knew he had talent. The client was ecstatic and raved. We knew Jason had found an untapped skillset but we had no idea what those skills could build. 

In 2021 we decided to become more than a turf company and take on some more fun options as we were already doing playgrounds, athletics, and putting greens in turf. We reached out and became the first Idaho dealer for the Recreational Group to incorporate courts and other playground surfacing. In 2021 we were also officially launched as a dealer for Sporturf, the field company brother to STI, which was a HUGE accomplishment as they watched our work for several years to determine if we were capable of being a Sporturf dealer.

The first 6-7 years we built our name based on quality installations and friendly family service. Since then we have been able to build upon our history and our relationships to continue to grow. Our future looks bright. We enjoy almost every day of work. As with anything, there are still hard days. We love getting to meet and talk to each client and knowing them and their project when they call. We love the new challenges we are taking on and so do our employees. This company is becoming a blessing in our lives everyday as we are able to provide a quality place to work for our employees (focusing on work/life balance), work together as a family, raise our boys with good honest work ethics, and watch our labors bring smiles to others.


We have been blessed with the best group.  It has been our #1 priority the past couple of years to make certain our team has a Life/Work Balance.  What our team does is not easy.  They work through the cold and the heat.  Sometimes the heat off the turf is hotter than the sun beating down.  However, this team keeps the mood light and overcomes the daily obstacles together.  When one guy is down, the others step in and help.  

We are proud to offer a matching Simple IRA, HSA, holiday pay, paid vacation, bonus pay, and two paid weeks off during the Christmas season.  The guys work out of town quite a bit and we know their family needs to recoup.  Without a happy family at home, we can’t expect a happy family on the jobsite.  

It is our goal to be able to provide fun for all of our clients.  Our moto is Building Fun! 

Jason Barnes

Construction Manager

Hailey Barnes

Business Manager

RYder Carson

Construction Foreman

Thomas Tallon


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