Skating rinks

Skating rinks

Final Cut Turf & Recreation has extensive experience in designing, creating, and installing flooring that is specifically designed for skating applications through our specialized subsidiary VersaCourt.

inline hockey

IceCourt designed, created, and offers the only surface designed specifically for inline hockey in the world. Our court tile possesses the best wheel grip of any suspended flooring, while maintaining its flexibility against falls, minimizing injury. Due to the surface pin heads, the puck naturally glides. The court tile can endure the long-term wear and tear from inline hockey.

Skating rinks

IceCourt skate court tile was designed and developed specifically for skating. Once installed, IceCourt skating rinks are virtually seamless, featuring the best wheel grip and skate glide of any suspended surface on the market. IceCourt skating rinks are low-maintenance, long-lasting and do not require refinishing. 

Roller derby flat tracks

IceCourt Roller Derby Flat Tracks are built for safety, performance and lasting durability. The court tile can endure the long-term wear and tear from the high-intensity roller derby league match-ups. IceCourt is proud to provide the official track of Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Championships, one of the world’s most elite roller derby leagues.