Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields

Final Cut Turf & Recreation is a leading provider of synthetic turf baseball and softball field construction services. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence since our first project at Capital High School in Boise, ID in 2014. Over the years we have built strong relationships with many of Idaho’s baseball and softball coaches helping them from planning to project completion.

At Final Cut, we have the expertise and resources to handle base construction and artificial turf installation for fields up to 40,000 sf. For larger projects like football fields, we partner with trusted local earthworks contractors to ensure the grading and compaction details are correct before installing padding, turf or panel systems. 

By choosing Final Cut, you will have a strong local partner with you every step of the way. No need to fly in a crew from out of state for service calls. We are committed to being your go-to company today and tomorrow.

baseball & Softball

Final Cut specializes in designing custom baseball and softball fields for schools and universities, utilizing our knowledge and experience to create the perfect field for your needs.  With a keen eye for detail, we have established ourselves as a leader in baseball field construction since 2014, earning the trust of coaches who continue to refer us to others.  From small projects such as pitchers’ mounds and baselines to full infield installations with custom logos, our top-of-the-line field solutions will help you achieve your field goals. Let Final Cut show you how our baseball turf can make your field dreams a reality.


Despite the innovations in turf, infills, and base construction we cannot compete against a team of athletes with steel or hard plastic cleats digging in to get ready to pitch or to receive a pitch. It is team’s responsibility to keep the infill levels high in these areas to protect the turf backing.  However, after so many digs of cleats, the turf will fail. The highest maintenance locations are the batter’s boxes (first right and then left), the pitcher’s pitching lane off the mound, and the catcher’s box.

  1. We can either replace these high wear spots for you with new turf. We will quote the time and materials needed to complete the work.
  2. We can teach you how to replace and seam (with adhesive and seam tape) in new pieces on your own while completing the initial installation. Or teach you during your first replacement.
  3. We can install a Velcro seam system in each high traffic area. The worn out turf will pull out easily and can be replaced with a new piece pre-Velcro’d (may purchase from us), and install on your own as needed. This method requires no special skills. The team can do these replacements.

Once the pieces have been replaced, just reinfill with your desired infill, broom in well, and you are ready to play!


Sporturf’s outdoor synthetic turf fields are built to withstand the intense competition of football and rugby. Our industry-leading turf is designed to be durable and resilient, providing a surface solution that you can count on. Say goodbye to the headaches of repairing and resting your home field between games, as our turf is low maintenance and allows for practices and other activities when not in use. With Sporturf, you can focus on the game and not on the field.

Indoor & Outdoor Soccer

As a certified Sporturf dealer and installer Final Cut prioritizes safety and long-term performance in every project. We’ll work with you to design a field with a solid foundation, using the right combination of padding and base panels to meet fall requirements and deliver a high performing field..

Sporturf’s artificial turf soccer fields are highly sought-after by recreational facilities for their versatility and low maintenance. With specialized pile height, backing, and blade types, Sporturf’s synthetic turf soccer fields are optimized for peak performance.

Our fields are fully customizable, with each line and logo individually cut and seamed in. At Final Cut, we see each soccer field as a labor of love. Let us help you design and install your next project.

Multi-purpose fields

At Final Cut, we are committed to providing the ultimate playing surface for any sport or activity. With Sporturf’s advanced technology, we can help you select the perfect combination of pile height, tufting gauge, fiber type, backing, and infill to optimize both performance and safety for your athletes. Our synthetic turf fields are fully customizable with game lines and logos to make it uniquely yours. Let us help you create the perfect artificial turf field.

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