Experience inline hockey like never before with Final Cut Turf & Recreation’s state-of-the-art seamless tile surfacing. Our inline hockey rink surfacing is engineered to offer superior skate grip and smooth puck glide, both indoors and outdoors. Not only is our surface secure and durable, but it’s also flexible against falls to ensure maximum safety. Customize your rink to fit your unique style with our selection of custom colors, graphics, and game lines.

Synthetic Ice

Enjoy ice skating all year round with Ultra Base Systems panel base technology. Our synthetic ice courts are perfect for any location, climate or season, and require minimal maintenance. Simply pick your spot, grade the ground, install the stabilization fabric and the court foundation panels to create a seamless synthetic ice surface. Our courts are customizable with a variety of colors, graphics and game lines to fit your needs.

Inline Hockey

VersaCourt tiles provide an optimal surface for roller and inline hockey rinks, both indoors and outdoors. Our innovative interlocking tile design eliminates seams and gaps, resulting in a seamless surface that enables a smooth skating experience and excellent puck glide. With easy snap-together installation, the VersaCourt tiles require minimal maintenance, providing a hassle-free playing experience. Enjoy superior playability and exceptional durability with our versatile tiles, and customize your court with a variety of colors and game lines.