PLAYGROUNDS, Parks & Recreational Centers

At Final Cut Turf & Recreation, we are dedicated to providing safe, dependable, and low-maintenance artificial turf and surfacing solutions that are designed to last. Our team of experts will work with you to create the playground surface of your dreams, drawing on our extensive selection of colors, surfacing options, and transitions. From concept to installation, we’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring that your playground area meets your exact specifications and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for children of all ages.  With our licensed (professional civil engineer) and CPSI certified staff, you can trust Final Cut Turf & Recreation to bring your playground vision to life.


Playgrounds are not just for the kids.  They are an interactive mecca for kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers, and more.  Playgrounds are now designed with EVERY BODY in mind.  Whether you’re the fully functional child, the kiddo who just broke their leg skiing with their buddies last weekend, the kiddo who was born with cerebral palsy, the parent chasing their child in a classic game of tag, or the grandparent pushing their youngest grandchild on the swingset.  Yes, playgrounds must be designed with EVERY BODY in mind.  Because play starts with a smile, and a smile starts with being actively engaged in the activity.  We help put everyone in the game!

In our world, we partner with some of the best playground designers, architects trained specifically in accessible playground design, and manufacturers to BUILD FUN FOR ALL!  

It was one of our main goals as a company to build a new surface for play.  To be fully ADA compliant, when able, for our playgrounds.  Each of the pictures are a testament to our dedication to this craft.  We are ready to help build the next new idea to make play better for all.  

Playground Turf

We started as a turf company so we are partial to its promise to be a wonderful playground surface.  Our best testers are our children.  We’ve taken them to many playgrounds and have asked them which surfacing is their favorite.  For overall playability and safety, they always choose synthetic / artificial turf.  For colors and interactive surfacing, they choose Pour-In-Place.  Which is why we now offer both options.  

The positive aspects of turf for your playground surfacing.

1.  It is weather resistant.  It can handle the coldest and hottest temperatures and still look great when the weather goes back to neutral. 2.  It is soft to land on.  When the games of tag begin someone is guaranteed to be falling.  Turf may cause a rug burn, but it rarely cuts and scrapes.  Kids bounce back a lot faster on turf than any other play surfacing. 3.  It is easy to repair when damage is caught early.  A good installer can cut out a fun shape and reinstall a new patch.  Stay off the freshly glued seams for a day and the turf is back to normal use. 4.  Easy’ish to clean.  Generally speaking, turf gets rinsed by the rain.  Germs are either killed by the sun (UV), the specialty infill (Envirofill or T-Cool), or apply a disinfectant spray (OxyTurf).  We for larger debris there are turf brooms and groomers to pick up dirt, hair, leaves, and other small nic naks.  5.  All of the turf we recommend for playgrounds and always use for commercial playgrounds are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA).

Playground Court Tile

Enhance your playground experience with VersaCourt tiles’ innovative multi-sport game courts. Our fast-draining, open-grid design provides a low maintenance and environmentally friendly playground surface that is a safer alternative to concrete and asphalt. With customizable colors and game lines, your playground can be transformed into a vibrant and engaging space for children to enjoy a variety of sports and games. Let us help you create a safe and exciting playground surface that kids will love to play on for years to come.

Pet Turf Systems

XGrass pet turf systems are constructed using our highly durable synthetic turf with TruFlo backing, as well as a drain tile subsurface and our antimicrobial Envirofill infill, which altogether provide a clean, healthy, and mud-free playing surface for your pets.

Synthetic Landscaping

XGrass offers a wide range of synthetic surfacing solutions for parks. From synthetic lawns to bonded rubber mulch tree wells and accents, XGrass synthetic landscaping solutions provide lush, beautiful landscapes without all the maintenance.

Multi-use synthetic fields

XGrass designs and installs multi-purpose synthetic turf field solutions that are built to support any sport or activity requirements.


VersaCourt offers a wide variety of accessories for basketball, volleyball, tennis and more. VersaCourt provides net systems, containment fencing, lighting, and various sports equipment for residential and commercial applications.