tennis & pickleball

tennis, pickleball, & racket sports

At Final Cut Turf & Recreation, we specialize in creating top-quality tennis courts, pickleball courts, and racket sport courts that meet your specific needs. You have the ability to customize your court by combining it with a basketball court, volleyball court, or roller hockey. Our skilled team can design and install custom court systems using synthetic grass, court tile, or acrylic surfacing.

Our products are engineered to be low maintenance and highly durable, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in a range of settings. From retirement communities to hotels and resorts, parks, recreational facilities, and even your own backyard, we can create a court system that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Let us help you create the perfect court for your needs and enhance your space.

Synthetic grass tennis courts

Synthetic grass tennis courts offer a superior playing experience, optimizing traction while providing the necessary cushioning for the dynamic movements of competitive tennis. The “slide” is more similar to a traditional clay court, thereby decreasing joint injuries. The meticulously crafted surface ensures remarkable consistency, requiring minimal upkeep. When it comes to drainage, synthetic turf courts with a gravel or panel system foundation pose no challenges. 

If your current tennis court is deteriorating, give us a call, as we specialize in retrofitting existing courts with an overlay, reviving them to their former glory and ensuring they are ready for play.

Court tile tennis courts

VersaCourt’s revolutionary court tile system offers a game-changing tennis court solution, outshining traditional acrylic hard courts with its superior durability, low-maintenance, and unparalleled comfort. The system’s innovative design incorporates vertical flex properties, significantly reducing stress on joints and back. Moreover, VersaCourt tennis courts have received a “fast-pace surface” rating from the International Tennis Federation (ITF), attesting to the system’s exceptional playing performance. To top it off, your tennis court is entirely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your unique vision and style.


Pickleball has become one of the nation’s most rapidly expanding sports, captivating enthusiasts of all ages with its accessible gameplay. As a prominent supplier of pickleball courts, VersaCourt takes pride in offering cutting-edge court tile solutions. Our innovative tiles not only require minimal upkeep but also deliver exceptional durability and unmatched grip. Your pickleball court can be fully customized to your preferences, ensuring it embodies your unique style. For added versatility, pickleball game lines can be seamlessly incorporated into a VersaCourt tennis court or integrated into a multi-sport game court, expanding the possibilities for gameplay.

Acrylic Pickleball Courts

For optimal bounce and performance with the wiffle ball, there’s no match for a hard surface on your pickleball court. Our acrylic texturized surface provides exceptional traction to empower players to swiftly execute shots, recover, and strategize their next moves. By utilizing our premium surfacing products and employing meticulous installation techniques, your pickleball court will not only deliver exceptional playability but will also be visually stunning. Your pickleball court is also fully customizable. Add your choice of colors or incorporate additional game lines to transform it into a versatile multi-game court.


Enhance your tennis court or pickleball court to perfection by complementing it with an extensive array of top-tier accessories from renowned manufacturers like MegaSlam, Bison, and Douglas. Transform virtually any space into a multi-sport haven that accommodates day and night play with an impressive selection of fixed nets, portable nets, and adjustable height nets. Elevate the experience with basketball hoops available in both ground mount and wall mount options. Illuminate your court with precision using elevated court lighting, hoop lighting, and ensure safety with hoop padding. Unlock endless training possibilities with rebounder nets and an array of other invaluable additions.