Kitty Litter Box Mat with Fishy Insert


These cute 2’x3′ kitty litter/box pads are perfect additions to your pet’s restroom.  You’ll love less tracking of kitty litter all over your home and they’ll love the feel on their paws before and after.  Plus, every kitty deserves a reminder of delicious fish!  Especially since they truly do believe they are the King/Queen of your household 😉

  • Choose between light or dark green base turf.
  • Ultra-durable turf (We use these products for indoor athletic training facilities.  They can take a lot of abuse.)
  • Non-slip coating on the back for mat placement on any surface.
  • Dimensions: 2’x3′
  • Choose your fish color (blue, green (opposite of your selected base color), or black)
  • Handmade in Pocatello, ID, USA

Kitty in photo is Cali.  She is almost 18 years old and is looking pretty great for an old lady, if she does say so herself.

Note: We don’t use cheap turf.  Our turf is manufactured in the USA.  We specialize in commercial applications so be assured, any remnants used are high quality that our customers special order for their projects.  We are doing our best to help reduce our trips to the landfill by making fun and useful pieces with our job waste.  


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